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Cute Tattoos

Women are often looking for cute tattoos. It emphasizes a girlie's and playful site in them. It can also represent a sweet memory of childhood and innocence. The design is often small and delicate built. The advantage of such a design is that it is relatively cheap and easy to cover.

Popular designs are:




Stars and shooting stars







Cute tattoos are often placed on feminine, sexy parts of the body to make it even more playful.
Here are the most popular spots:

Lower back

Just above the ankle

The feet

The inside of wrist

Back of the neck

The shoulder

The upper part of the arm

The area below the belly button

The hip

The calves

Never put a tattoo even if it is small in an area which stretches a lot during weight changes or pregnancies. This can damage you design or make it fade.

Make sure your tattoo has some meaning to you and try to keep it original. The best way to do that to go through a lot of of designs, which you can do very easy nowadays out of the convenience of your own home. Just go online and find some good galleries. There are even some out there which are specialized in tattoos for women. To create a more unique design you can combine two into one or if you are more creative, you can create one of your own. Also your artist can help you with that.

This is the best guarantee you will love your tattoo forever.
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