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Anchor Tattoo Meaning And Its History

Anchor tattoo meaning comes from a long history of sailor and Christian people. There is a kind of culture on sailor where novice sailor, who successfully sail safe to and back of Atlantic Ocean, becomes seasoned sailor. Here, we can also summarize that it also defines safety and success sail.

However, many Christians also wear this tattoo for good reasons. Their Anchor tattoo meaning is derived from the shape of the anchor that goes similar to the cross. Just as fish and ships, for Christians, anchor keeps them grounded and steady. This philosophy shows that it is for steadiness and faith.

Considering those explanations, people may feel hesitate to wear it. You do not have to be a sailor to wear this. The entire Many people see, as well as understand the Anchor tattoo meaning, then wear it to honor someone. In fact, this one can be an appropriate choice to honor anything or anyone.

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